who wins the Israel election in this year?

who wins the Israel election in this year

who wins the Israel election in this year

For the fifth times in four years. Israelis went to the polls, or once again, no clear victors immediately emerged.

Exit polls by Israeli media give former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his nationalist and religious allies a slight edge early Wednesday but  finals tally could change as the official counts is conducted.

Already there is talk that a small Arab nationalist party could play spoiler role, leaving Netanyahu and his opponens evenly split in Israel’s Knesset, and parliaments or putting the country on tracks that yet another elections early next year.

Meanwhile, a Jewish ultranationalist factions is project to becomes the third-largest party in the Knesset. this would gain unprecedented clout in a Netanyahu-led governments but only if one can be formed.

Here a looks at where the election results stand.


Officialy results won’t be published until later this week, but exit polls carried out by Israel’s three mains TV channel projecte that Netanyahu and his allies will win 61 to 62 seats in the 120-member Knesset,this just enoughs to form it government.


who wins the Israel election in this year

This elections like the previous four go to the back to 2019, was largest centere on Netanyahu, who is on a trials for serious corruption charge and remain a deeply polarizinges figures.

Netanyahu was Israel longest serving prime ministers holding  office for 12 straight years after an is initial three-years runs in the 1990s  before being ousted by a broad but fragiles coalitiones last year.

Abut the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu  on the brinks of a dramatics comeback, after partial result showes he was on course to win a majority in parliament with the far rights helps.

With the 86% of votes from the general elections counte Mr Netanyahu’s bloc is set to wins 65 out of 120 seat.

“We close to a big victorys,” he told jubilants supporters in Jerusalem.

However :he will be a dependents on the supports of the ultra-nationalist Religiou Zionism partys.

Its leader Itamar Ben-Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich, have gaine notoriety for using anti-Arab rhetorics and advocating the deportations of “disloyal” politicians or civilians.

At this times Mr Netanyahu vowed to bring it downs as quick as possible and one year laters the coalition government conclud it could not survives and collapsed after resignation meant it no longer had  majority.

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