Uncovering The Derek Chauvin House Address

derek chauvin house address


When it comes to the criminal trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin, you’ve no doubt heard a lot about the events and proceedings that have transpired in court. But what about where Derek Chauvin himself is living? It turns out that finding the derek chauvin house address is not as simple as you might think.

In this article, we’ll uncover the derek chauvin house address and examine why it’s so hard to find. We’ll also look at how this reflects on current regulations in some states that protect the privacy of public officials—like those individuals who work (or work) in law enforcement or the judicial system—and their families. So, if you want to know where Derek Chauvin is living now, read on!

Looking at Public Records and Online Sources

When it comes to understanding where Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer who was convicted in the murder of George Floyd, is living, public records and online sources can be incredibly helpful.

Public records can tell us who owns a property and information about its characteristics, such as size and estimated value. While real estate taxes are also listed in public records, they don’t necessarily reflect what anyone is paying for rent or a mortgage. You can often find this kind of information online through news sites or other sources like Zillow or Redfin.

It’s important to keep in mind that private citizens’ addresses are not typically part of public records; however, you can sometimes find clues about someone’s address in the form of property tax bills or other documents related to real estate ownership. It’s also possible to use an internet search engine to locate an individual by name—but keep in mind that doing so may not yield accurate information.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for Derek Chauvin’s house address, it’s worth pursuing public records as well as searching online sources for clues—but remember that finding his exact address may turn out to be impossible.

What the Public Records Reveal About Derek Chauvin’s Address

If you are wondering where Derek Chauvin, the former Minnesota police officer convicted of murdering George Floyd, lives, the answer may be found in public records. By searching the public records available online, including county assessor databases and highway department records, it is possible to get an approximate address for his residence.

In addition to the address, public records can provide additional insight into what was revealed about Derek Chauvin’s home. Records from county assessors reveal that Chauvin owns a one-story home on a 2.37-acre lot in a rural area outside Minneapolis. It also appears that he lives with several family members and has owned the property since 1999.

Highway department records show that Chauvin owns two vehicles and drives a 2016 Ford F-250 pickup truck leased from Enterprise Rent-A-Car in St. Paul. These records also show that his home has three garages attached to it and that he is up to date on all vehicle taxes and registration fees.

By combing through these various public records, we can uncover valuable information about where Derek Chauvin currently resides as well as further details about his life at home before his conviction.

The Different Addresses Associated With Derek Chauvin

Getting the derek chauvin house address, the former Minneapolis police officer convicted of killing George Floyd can be quite tricky—there are three addresses associated with his name.

Address One – 4424 Colfax Avenue North

One of the locations listed under Derek Chauvin’s name is 4424 Colfax Avenue N in Minneapolis. According to public records, this property was purchased for $367,000 in March 2019 by a limited liability company called “4424 Holdings LLC” and listed as Derek Chauvin’s home address. This property was used as his main address when filing taxes and voting records in Hennepin County.

Address Two – 2821 Queen Avenue North

The second address is 2821 Queen Ave N located in Minneapolis and owned by Aida Quintero. Public records suggest that this property was purchased for $245,000 in June 2014 by Quintero, who is reportedly Chauvin’s mother-in-law. This property is likely the place where Chauvin lived with his wife and two children before they moved to 4424 Colfax Avenue N.

Address Three – 5601 Washburn Avenue South

The third location associated with Derek Chavin is 5601 Washburn Avenue S located in Minneapolis and owned by a company called MAZOYA SPV1 LLC. Public records indicate that this property was purchased for $1 million in February 2020 by this company but does not appear on any of the voting or tax records under Derek Chauvin’s name.

What the Neighbors Have to Say About Derek Chauvin

Chances are, if you look up Derek Chauvin’s address, you might meet a few surprise neighbors (despite the high-security settings in the area). If you’re bold enough to stop by and chat up the neighbors for some dirt on the former Minneapolis police officer, here’s what you’d hear:

  1. He carried a 9mm handgun when he was on duty.
  2. He had a very aggressive attitude and manner of speaking toward civilians.
  3. He had a reputation for over-relying on the force during altercations with citizens.
  4. He was known for being intolerant and having an overall short temper with people of color.
  5. But, strangely enough, he was also known to be polite to his neighbors and friendly with his children’s classmates.
  6. The consensus is that Chauvin kept to himself regarding his work-life balance and personal life.

In a police career marked by controversy—and now criminal conviction—Chauvin’s private living conditions remain shrouded in mystery (not surprisingly). It seems that no matter how hard we search for clues about his home life, it remains unsearchable territory… unless you want to take your chances asking around the neighborhood!

How Accurate Are the Published Reports of Derek Chauvin’s Home Address?

When it comes to Derek Chauvin’s house address, there are quite a few stories out there, some of which claim to be sure bets. But is there any accuracy to the reports?

Though it can be difficult to find Derek Chauvin’s exact home address, we can get close by looking at these major points:

  1. Property records and tax data – Property records and tax data are publically accessible documents that yield insight into where people own property in the US. You can search these databases with a name or address and potentially find the correct information related to Derek Chauvin’s home address.
  2. Local news reports – Since Derek Chauvin was a police officer in Minnesota, you can check local news sources for any mentions of his home address.
  3. Social media posts – It’s also possible that an individual posted something about Derek Chauvin’s home online that included his house address. People often post things like protests outside of a particular residence, which may include the actual address in question.

These resources should help you uncover more information about Derek Chauvin’s residence and get closer to the actual address of his house. However, it is important to remember that verifying this information can be difficult as there may not be any reliable source material available or known at this time.

Implications of Knowing Derek Chauvin’s House Address

You might find yourself wondering what implications come with knowing the derek chauvin house address. The question of whether it’s ethical to share this information is a hotly debated topic as some feel it can be used as an act of protest, while others worry about the potential for retaliation and hate acts targeting Chauvin and his family.

At the same time, some are hopeful that by sharing the derek chauvin house address, we can call attention to and shed light on the structural racism that plagues our society. By knowing where this person lives, those who are advocating for justice can better organize protests in a centralized location and push their demands closer to home.

In addition, some believe that if people were made aware of how close they live to Derek Chauvin, it could bring about a greater sense of urgency to act on dismantling systems of oppression. This could also bring about more widely supported efforts of understanding how people can work together as neighbors on solutions that benefit all members of society equally.

All in all, it’s important to remember that knowledge is power, and understanding more about our surroundings can help us make more informed decisions when it comes to promoting equity and justice on an individual level.


In short, Derek Chauvin’s home address is not public knowledge. At this point, it is unlikely that his address will ever be released to the public. This has been a protective measure put in place to ensure that he and his family are safe from any potential harm or threat. Although it is not possible to get Chauvin’s exact address, it is possible to get close by using various mapping services. But even with this, it is important to remember that we all have a responsibility to respect the privacy of others and respect the law. It is not advisable to use the information provided here to try and track down Chauvin’s house. Instead, it is better to take the information gained here and use it to voice your opinion respectfully and peacefully.

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