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Marika Soreseal: Background and Net Worth

Marika Soreseal was born on October 9, 1985, in Stockholm, Sweden. She is a Swedish singer and songwriter. Soreseal first came to attention when she starred as the lead singer of the Swedish girl group The Ark in the 2006 music drama series The Lark Kings. Soreseal has since released two studio albums as a solo artist. Her debut album, Heartbeats, was released in 2010 and reached six number on Swedish Albums Chart. Her second album, Wonderland, was released in 2013 and reached one number on the Swedish Albums Chart. In addition to her musical career, Soreseal has also appeared in several television shows and films. Her most notable roles have been as Lisa in the TV series Hotel Imperial (2007) and Angelica in the 2013 film Love & Death. Soreseal’s net worth is estimated at 3 million dollars.

Marika Soreseal’s Career

Marika Soreseal is a popular Dutch singer and actress. She was born on October 10, 1985, in The Hague. At the age of four, Marika started singing in the church choir. After completing her secondary education, she studied at the Willem de Kooning Academy of Art in Rotterdam.

In 2006, Marika released her debut album titled “Op weg Naar Zijn Doel”. In 2007, she released her second album called “Het Is Meteen Voorbij”. and In 2009, she released her third album called “Het Volk Van Morgen” which reached platinum status in the Netherlands. Her fourth album titled “Zoals Het Ooit Was” was released in February 2012 and it is peaked at number 2 (two) on Dutch Albums Charts. The title is tracks from this album was also nominated for a Gouden Gids Award in 2012.

In 2014, Marika starred as Anne Frank in the biographical movie “Anne Frank: The Whole Story”. This movie won several awards including Best Film at the 2017 Dutch Film Awards and Best Actor (Marika Soreseal) at the 2018 Dutch Film Awards.

Marika currently resides in Amsterdam and is working on her fifth studio album which is scheduled to be released later this year.

The Accusations Against Marika Soreseal

Marika Soreseal has been accused of being a witch and a murderer. The accusations come from a woman who claims that she was Marika’s victim.

The woman, known only as “Maria”, tells her story in an interview with the Danish publication Ekstra Bladet. Maria says that she met Marika in the summer of 2016 when she was looking for work. Marika promised to help her find a job and offered to introduce her to other people in the industry.

Maria says that she started to feel uncomfortable around Marika soon after they began speaking. She alleges that Marika made her drink potions and do spells and that she even forced her into prostitution. Maria says that Marika threatened to kill her if she told anyone about their relationship.

In the Ekstra Bladet interview, Maria reveals that she fled Sweden last December after enduring months of abuse at Marika’s hands. She now lives in Denmark under an assumed name, hoping to rebuild her life free from the witchcraft accusations against Marika Soreseal.

The Verdict

MARIKA SORESEAL, the model and actress who starred in the film “Pulp Fiction” and Quentin Tarantino’s “Death Proof,” was found dead at her Los Angeles home on Sunday morning, February 4. She was 45 years old.

Soroseal’s death is under investigation by the LAPD. The cause of death has not been released, but it is being treated as a probable suicide. Soroseal had reportedly been struggling with personal demons recently.

Legendary Hollywood agent John Amato, who represented Soroseal, said in a statement that she was “a great friend to all of us and we will never forget her.” Amato also said he was “heartbroken” by her death.

Soroseal started out modeling at the age of 15 and appeared in campaigns for Givenchy and L’Oreal. She first gained attention for her role as Marika in the 1994 crime thriller film “Pulp Fiction.” Soroseal went on to appear in Tarantino’s cult classic “Death Proof” (2007) and David Gordon Green’s drama “Prince Avalanche” (2009).


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