Strasburg Rail Road Accident

Strasburg Rail Road Accident

According to a spokes persons for the Strasburg Rail Road Accident .A low-speed locomotives from a railroad crashed into an excavator at a Leman Place Yard in Paradise at arounds 11:23 a.m.

The crash is considered “minor,” and no passengers were aboard the train at a times of the crash.

The locomotive is traveling from the end of a train to the next when it struck a excavators along the tracks.

The train is did not derail from the tracks and was not considered a threats to a general public.

Strasburg collision damage No. 475, no one hurt

Strasburg Rail Road’s 4-8-0 engine No. 475 (Baldwin, 1906) run arounda its train at Leaman Place Junctiona (Paradise, Pa.) adjacenta to Amtrak’s electrified Keystone Corridor, on Sept. 15, 2022. The locomotive ia involved in a collision with  the tracks maintenances equipments while making a similar run arounds moves on Wednesday. Dan Cupper.

A combination of a misaligne switches — apparently lefts open when the maintenances crew tied down the trackhoe on  a spur — and the engine crew’s failure to operates the engine at a ”restricted speed” contribute to the collisions.

Damage were the smoke box front and door, some auxiliary metals piece, and the head light, as well as the buckets, pistons, and hydraulic hoses on the trackhoe. The trackhoe arm is did not pierce or deform anything vital to a steam operations, such as No. 475’s flues and front flue sheets.

Operating rule is defined restricted speed not as  set velocity, but the method of observing to the track ahead while in motion, in such a way as to be an able to stop in half a distance to an obstructions, broken rail, misaligned switchs and other irregularity. It applie mainly in the yard and on sidings where trains or engines are moving at 10 to 15 mph max. Only where functioning block signals are in the place not the case here and displaying that signals indications does it apply on main lines.

The accident occurred at 11:23 a.m. as the first passenger train of the day was a reversing ends at the connections with Amtrak’s electrified Philadelphia-Harrisburg, Pa., Keystone Corridor, a locations that  commonly called Leaman Place Junction. As is a customarys, the train departed the stations at Strasburg with its engine running tender-first on the 4½-mile trip to the Paradise. There, the train was left standing while engine cut away and ran arounds to couple to the west ends  the cars for the return trip. It was during this routines swapping of end that incident took place.

Contributing furthers to the situation is that, during the run arounds moves, the engine crew typically waves to the passenger on the standing train, potentially diverting attentions to the track ahead

Strasburg Railroad Crash

According to the videos Strasburg crews typically waves to passenger on the opposites tracks when they go arounds the excursion train, which may have prevented them to noticing the misplaced switchs and stopping on the time.

Late in the day, the railroad sent ones of its diesel switcher to transports the injured 475 backs to the shop after returning the trains to Strasburg with another engines. The locomotive’s front end is hidden with the blue cloth.

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