Slime Licker Review

slime licker

Slime Licker is a sour roll-on liquid candy manufactured by Toxic Waste Candy. It is available in Blue Razz and Strawberry flavors and sold in two-ounce plastic bottles with a suggested retail price of $1.99. It is distributed in point-of-purchase displays with a 12-unit shelf life.

Toxic Waste

Slime Licker is a sour liquid candy. It’s squirted on the tongue and ingested. A few licks will leave you feeling sick. You should be careful with this product, however. It contains a large number of toxic ingredients.

The flavor is strawberry and blue razz, and it’s very sour! The candy is so sour, it makes you pucker your face! The sourness will make your brain squirm, too! Toxic Waste is the company that produces the slime licker.

The company’s name is Toxic Waste, and it’s created by a professor named Sournoggen. The product is a sour liquid candy that comes in a unique roll-on tube. It will turn your tongue a different color after licking it!

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