Pronk Technologies Interviews Greg Alkire and the SimCube SC-4 and SimCube XM

pronk technologies

The name Pronk Technologies came into the biomedical industry with the launch of a portable NIBP analyzer, but since then the company has grown to become a big name in the quality test equipment sector. The company’s focus is on flexibility and ease of use, and has expanded its product offering in recent years. In this interview, vice president of sales and marketing Greg Alkire discusses the company’s experience, latest offerings, and size in the biomedical industry.


The SimCube SC-4 is a one-button simulation system for monitoring patients’ vital signs. It comes with three NIBP simulations, an ECG, and a Heart Rate Sequence and Respiration mode. It also has user-selectable SpO2 simulations, a digital manometer, and Masimo rainbow SET compatibility. SimCube SC-4 also includes a full accessory kit.

The SimCube SC-5 has a sleep mode. This mode ensures the SimCube doesn’t drain its battery while not in use. When the SimCube is idle, the display will go blank and the green Mode LED will flash. If the SimCube is plugged into an AC outlet, the SimCube SC-5 will automatically switch to AC power. When AC power is available, the batteries will not be drained even if the battery boost slide switch is set to the on position.

SimCube II

The SimCube simulator provides 1 mV output for lead simulations. It is equipped with a 6 pin mini DIN connector comes with an extension cable and is compatible with a variety of short (6″) adapter cables. It also features a battery boost slide switch. A SimCube simulation system is compatible with the NIBP Simulation Kit.

The SimCube Simulator is compatible with the Pronk suite of apps and Smart Devices. The SimCube simulates real oscillometric pulses in a compact 3-inch cube. It can be powered by four “AA” alkah or NIMH batteries.

SimCube II is compatible with Masimo rainbow SET(r) compatibility and provides realistic simulation of basic patient monitor testing parameters. features ECG, digital manometer, and user-selectable SpO2 simulations. It also includes an integrated pressure meter and YSI 400 temperature meter. It has a one-button operation, a full accessory kit, and a user-friendly interface.

SimCube XL

Pronk Technologies SimCube XM uses wireless communications to communicate with the Pronk suite of apps and Smart Devices. It enables the user to practice heart rate, blood pressure, and ECG rhythms with the SimCube simulator. It also features three different Digital Manometer modes, NIBP adapters, and wireless connectivity.

The SimCube SC-4 is a patient simulation system that simulates multiple vital signs. It includes 3 NIBP simulations, an ECG, heart rate sequence, respiration, and a Digital Manometer. This SimCube comes with a patented feather-weight Cuff Jacket and includes a complete accessory kit.

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