Power Rangers Mystic Force

power rangers mystic force

During 2006, the Power Rangers Mystic Force premiered as part of the Jetix block on Toon Disney. The show is based on the Japanese 29th Super Sentai tokusatsu series.

Mystic Titans

Several years ago, the five Mystic Titans of Power Rangers appeared in a crossover event. It was called “Shattered Grid”. The event was written to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the original TV series. Several teams were represented, including Super Sentai teams. It was published in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #25-30.

During the event, the Rangers use their powerful magic and martial arts skills to battle the evil forces. After being defeated by the evil forces, the Rangers realize that magic is not as powerful as they thought. They need to rely on teamwork to save the day.

After battling the evil forces, the Rangers begin to lose their Legend powers. However, the Tribunal grants them a chance to become Legend Warriors. They will be guided by the ancient Xenotome, or Book of the Unknown.

The Rangers then travel through the dangerous Cimmerian Forest in order to find the Mystic Mother. They are aided by a new friend who joins them.

Season one premiere date

Unlike its predecessors, Power Rangers Mystic Force features two siblings as core Rangers. It also incorporates magic in its formula. The series was created in conjunction with the Super Sentai series, Mahou Sentai Magiranger.

The first season of Mystic Force, “Shattered Grid”, aired in February 2006. It was originally aired on Toon Disney as part of the Jetix programming block.

“Shattered Grid” is a crossover event that featured several teams from the original Power Rangers television series. It also celebrated the 25th anniversary of the original series. In the episode, several teams from all eras came together. Originally, the theme was supposed to be done by Ron Wasserman, but he wasn’t available. He instead posted a rap-style theme on a fan message board. He had originally been in talks to do this theme for Power Rangers Mystic Force, but he wasn’t able to do it.

The season features a lot of weird stuff. For instance, it has monsters that draw mustaches on people. And it has the Taxi Cab Monster that steals a map of a magical Fire Heart. It also features a villain named The Master.

The Mystic Force rangers have appeared in Power Rangers comics published by Boom! Studios.

Mystic Force’s base of Rootcore was filmed on Puketutu Island. It was mostly filmed outside of the studio, using plaster interiors and sound-stages. The sets were designed by Miro Harre.

The series’ promotional materials feature Japanese counterparts. It is also the first Power Rangers series to feature a father and son as Rangers. The episode titles are an in-joke to director Bruce Kalish.

A few technological elements are kept in Mystic Force. The rangers learn special codes that allow them to unlock more abilities and zords. These codes are given to them by Code Breakers. The Rangers are also given mechanical giant robots known as “Zords”. These zords can combine into a “Megazord”.

“Shattered Grid” ended the season on a positive note. The central theme of the season was to believe in friends and power. In the end, the Rangers are able to defeat The Master and Imperious.


Unlike previous seasons where one sibling was the core Ranger, Mystic Force is the first Power Ranger series to feature a father and son as active Rangers. This is more a coming of age story than a true “Heroes’ Adventures” story.

The plot is based on a parallel dimension war. The Rangers battle evil forces in the Underworld. The Ten Terrors come to punish Earth for refusing to use dark magic. They have also rediscovered the power of goodness. The Rangers rely on their martial arts and mystic powers to defeat them.

The villain of the series is the Master of the Underworld. He is a powerful sorceress who seeks out warriors of legend to battle him. He uses Clare to raise the gates to the Underworld.

The first Terror to challenge the Rangers is Magma. They fight her and her minions. The Rangers rely on the magical powers of the Mystic Force to defeat them.

Another Terror to challenge the Rangers is Catastros. He is one of the original five wizards. He was originally meant to be the Triassic Ranger. However, he was replaced by a militaristic character.

The villain of the series is the Necrolai. She is a vampire queen who was prophesied to rise and very dangerous to the Rangers. She has a powerful magical staff that is filled with the power of goodness.

The sorceress recruits five teens to battle the evil forces. They include Nick, Udonna, Leelee, Vida and Madison.

The Rangers are ostensibly trying to kill them, but they actually do help them. However, they are fired from MDF. They then meet up with Omni, who is the boss of Cyber Command.


Originally based on the 29th Super Sentai tokusatsu series, Power Rangers Mystic Force is an American adaptation of the series. The show follows five teenage sorcerers who are tasked with battling pure evil. They are guided by an ancient Xenotome and mentored by a wise sorceress.

The story of Mystic Force begins with a sorceress named Udonna, who is searching for warriors of legend. She recruits five teens to fight evil forces and protect the world. The teens use powerful magic and martial arts to save the day. They are aided by their friends and family. They are also able to use their mystic powers to settle disputes with friends and family.

The Rangers discover the power of magic for granted after being beaten. They join forces to fight Koragg, the greatest of the five original wizards. Koragg challenges their Legend power.

The Rangers are able to defeat the evil forces, but they realize that they are helpless without their powers. In order to help them, Leanbow comes to their aid. He uses his teleportation powers to help them escape the Underworld. They are also able to rescue Udonna.

The next challenge is the Terrors. The Terrors arrive to punish Earth for refusing to allow them to use their dark magic. The Rangers are able to defeat the Terrors, but it is not enough to save the world. They realize that they have no hope. They are able to save Udonna, but she becomes unconscious.

The Rangers are then able to defeat the Master. The Master spits out the Rangers, but Nick forces the Master to spit out time. He also tries to use the Shining Attack, but it does not work.


During the Mystic Force series, the Rangers must work together to stop an evil presence. In order to battle the evil, the Rangers use powerful magic. The Rangers are trained by Udonna, a powerful sorceress. The Rangers also use powerful weapons. They are also able to morph into Mystic Mermaids and Mystic Lions.

The Mystic Force Ranger suits look good in regular mode and powered up Legend mode. The sets are designed by Shayne Redford. The Mystic Force was a Disney-Toei joint-project. The sets were all made of plaster and were filmed on Puketutu island.

The Mystic Force’s villains are demonic underground beings known as the Forces of Darkness. They attempted to take over the magical world. The villains are also called the Morlocks in promotional material.

The main villain of the Mystic Force is Koragg, a fearsome warrior. He was a fan favorite. The villain possesses Leanbow, the greatest wizard in history. However, Leanbow sacrificed himself to slay The Master. Koragg is portrayed by Chris Graham. His sword is in Ryjack’s possession.

Leanbow has a strong ties to the Rangers. In the Super Megaforce battle, he was absent. His powers were used by Orion. In the final battle against Warstar Armada, he was a member of the team. He was also a cameo character in the series Beast Morphers.

Tenaya is a character created by Venjix. He is a hybrid human/machine and he has secret links to the Power Rangers. In addition to his fighting skills, he has an eerie tune that whistles.

The Rangers also have a special ally in Clare. Clare was Udonna’s apprentice and also the Gatekeeper of the Underworld. Clare also cared for the baby Fire Heart when it was an infant.


Whether you’re a fan of Power Rangers or not, there are plenty of references to the franchise. From the monsters of Aesop to the geography of the western US, the franchise touches on everything from math to physics to geography.

Power Rangers Mystic Force is the fourteenth season of the Power Rangers television series. It was originally produced for Toon Disney, which aired on the Jetix block in 2006.

Power Rangers Mystic Force is based on the Japanese 29th Super Sentai tokusatsu series Maho Sentai Magiranger. The series was part of a Disney-Toei joint project.

The Power Rangers Mystic Force has a few interesting features. One is that the Rangers are a family. This is the first series to have a father and son as active Power Rangers.

Another is that the series uses a lot of magic. The Rangers use a number of spells to fight monsters and save the day. They even use a magical staff. The staff contains a magical power that can be used to increase the Ranger’s powers.

The Mystic Force’s base is called Rootcore, and it was filmed on the island of Puketutu. The sets were designed by Miro Harre and the interiors were made of plaster.

The series is also the first to feature two sisters as Power Rangers. Vida and Madison were played by Thai/German actors. They wore leather jackets and jeans as their uniforms.

In addition to the main cast, Mystic Force has had a number of guest stars. Zack Snyder guest starred in the episode “Fear Itself” of Season 4. He played a college student.

The Mystic Force also has a number of two-word titles, and one of them is a joke to director Bruce Kalish. It is named the “Battalion’s Most Wanted.”

Power Rangers Mystic Force is also the first series to feature a sibling as a core Ranger. Both Xander Bly and his brother, Tommy Bly, are active Rangers.


During the Power Rangers Mystic Force show, the characters of Wolzard and Koragg are introduced. Both characters are Legendary Super Sentai counterparts, though they are different in many ways.

Wolzard is the father of the Magirangers and the father of Nick. Nick is the heir to the Mystic Force, but his role in the endgame plot is rewritten to mainly be a part of Kai’s Coming of Age story.

While Wolzard and Koragg’s actions are usually fairly honorable, they are still a little bit unfair. For example, Wolzard helped the Rangers ostensibly to kill them, but the Rangers didn’t kill him. In fact, he saved Udonna from a deadly attack by The Master.

On the other hand, Koragg is a skilled fighter. He can take multiple stabs from Claire and take point-blank shots from the Mystic Speeder. He can also teleport to anywhere at will. His suit is made of super-strong armor, and he can take multiple hits without scratching it. In fact, he can teleport to the Underworld.

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