Nathaniel Prescott, the Man Who Created “Walking Dead”

nathaniel prescott

When it comes to creating popular TV shows and movies, it takes a lot more than just a good script. The people behind these projects need talented crewmembers who can create beautiful sets and shoot great footage. And that’s where Nathaniel Prescott comes in. For over two decades, Prescott has been working on the sets of some of the most iconic TV shows and movies in history. In this blog post, we will explore Nathaniel Prescott’s story and how he helped create one of the most popular TV series of all time: “The Walking Dead.”

Nathaniel Prescott’s Early Life

Nathaniel Prescott was born on October 16, 1972 in Atlanta, Georgia. He is the creator and executive producer of the AMC television series, “Walking Dead.” Prior to this show, he was best known for his work on the acclaimed comics series “Old Man Logan,” which ran from 2013-2015.

Prescott’s childhood was spent moving around frequently as his father worked various jobs. At the age of 11, Nathaniel moved with his family to Japan where he attended a Japanese school for two years. Upon returning to America, they settled in Birmingham, Alabama where Nathaniel attended high school. In 1994 he graduated from high school and moved back to Atlanta to attend Georgia Institute of Technology (GIT). While at GIT, he studied film and video production.

In 1997, while still a student at GIT, Prescott created the short film “Nightmare at 20/20.” The film won first place in an animation festival and launched his career in filmmaking. After graduating from GIT with a BFA in Film & Video Production in 2001, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in Hollywood filmmaking. For several years he worked as a production assistant on feature films before being introduced to comic book writer Robert Kirkman through mutual friends.

Kirkman hired Prescott as an assistant on the comic book series “Old Man Logan” which was then being published by Image Comics. The series ran for four years and became one of the most successful independent

The Creation of

Nathaniel Prescott was an unassuming man who never imagined he would become a household name. But in 2009, he created the AMC hit series “Walking Dead”. The show has become one of the most popular on television and has even inspired a spin-off series, “Fear The Walking Dead”. Nathaniel’s unlikely success story is the stuff of entertainment legend.

Born and raised in Georgia, Nathaniel was always interested in art and films. He started out as a concept artist for video games before moving into TV advertising. It was during this time that he met producer Scott M. Gimple and they hit it off. Gimple was looking for someone to create a new TV show about the undead and Prescott got the idea to use zombies as a metaphor for life after death.

The show wasn’t easy to make, but it was worth it when it finally aired. “Walking Dead” became an instant hit with audiences around the world and has since been nominated for multiple awards, including an Emmy Award for Best Drama Series. Today, Nathaniel continues to work on new projects with his partners at Fox Television Studios. He is also now a well-known author, having published two novels based on the “Walking Dead” universe: “The Road To Woodbury” and “Clear Sky”.

What began as a small project has turned into one of the most popular shows ever made and Nathaniel Prescott is responsible for all of it!

The Reaction to the Show

The success of “Walking Dead” has been nothing short of spectacular. The show has become a worldwide phenomenon and is now the highest-rated show on cable television.

But the success of the show hasn’t been without its critics. Many people are unhappy with the way that the show portrays violence and gore. Others find fault with the characters and storylines.

Despite these complaints, most fans of “Walking Dead” seem to be happy with the way things turned out. And for creator Nathaniel Prescott, it’s all worth it…

The Future of

The future of the “Walking Dead” is in good hands with Nathaniel Prescott at the helm. The showrunner has a knack for keeping fans on their toes with unexpected plot twists and turns, and his experience writing comic books will only help bring even more excitement to the series’ upcoming seasons.

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