Metro Aviation Is a Great Company to Work For

Metro Aviation

Metro Aviation is one of the FAA-approved repair stations, and they also offer air medical services. If you are looking for a work environment that rewards the right behavior, this is the place for you. The management at Metro Aviation is very supportive of its pilots and they provide a great deal of training. However, their PTO policy is not great.

Metro Aviation is an FAA-approved repair station

If you need aircraft repair, you should work with a certified FAA-approved repair station. Metro Aviation is one of the leading FAA-approved repair stations in the country. The company provides turnkey solutions for your aircraft repair needs in Shreveport, Louisiana. Metro Aviation’s mission is to exceed customer expectations and set industry standards for quality and service.

Metro Aviation, based in Shreveport, Louisiana, is a global provider of completion services for EC135 and EC145 aircraft. The company has developed several Supplemental Type Certificates and is an approved Airbus Service Center and FAA-approved repair station. Additionally, Metro Aviation is an authorized provider of FAR Part 135 air medical operations.

Metro Aviation is also one of the largest air medical helicopter completion centers in the world. Whether you need a repair or complete a full overhaul of your air ambulance, Metro Aviation can make your mission as efficient as possible. They are renowned for clean installations and fast completions. Their streamlined process and convenient locations have earned them an impressive list of law enforcement clients, including the Massachusetts State Police, the City of Tulsa Police Department, and the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.

It provides air medical services

Whether you need air medical services for an accident scene or a medical evacuation, Metro Aviation has you covered. Our aircraft are staffed with doctors, nurses, corpsmen, and technicians. These professionals are ready to transport dozens of patients at a time. With these aircraft, you can be assured that you will receive the highest quality care.

Metro Aviation is based in Shreveport, Louisiana. Its aircraft include the EC145 and EC135 helicopters. In addition, it is an FAA-approved repair facility and Airbus (Eurocopter) Service Center. It also provides FAR Part 135 air medical operations. The company is privately held and is one of the largest traditional air medical providers in the United States.

Metro Aviation’s first air medical program, Life Air Rescue, began in 1983. Back then, the program was called Life Eye 12. The company provided the aircraft and pilots, and maintained operational control. Mike Stanberry, president and CEO, dreamed up the concept, which included a camera operator who captured footage on-scene before landing and a stretcher on-board the aircraft.

Metro Aviation has over 200 employees who are military veterans, many of them with years of experience in air medical services. Many of them serve in different positions within the company. One example is Joe Szulc. He started his aviation career in the United States Army and was a Blackhawk mechanic and CH47 Chinook pilot. He eventually earned the rank of Chief Warrant Officer 3. In addition, he was a pilot for the Duke University Life Flight program and became a Lead Pilot.

Metro Aviation has also welcomed Guardian Air Transport, a non-profit air ambulance in Arizona that operates eight bases. The company is preparing to take over Guardian Air’s operations and is training pilots, medical crew, and communication specialists to help ensure a seamless transition. They’ve also met with Guardian Air’s leadership and are reviewing its business strategy and plans.

It has a good work environment

If you’re looking for a job in aviation, Metro Aviation is a great choice. The company has a high safety culture, and management is supportive. The company also offers free health insurance with a low deductible. The compensation for pilots and mechanics is below average for the amount of hours they work and the level of responsibility. In addition, the PTO policy is below average.

Metro Aviation also hires military veterans. In fact, they have more than 200 veterans in various roles within the company. For example, one former pilot who began his aviation career in the U.S. Army was able to take on multiple aviation roles. He began as an infantry Blackhawk mechanic and then moved up to the CH47 Chinook pilot and eventually earned the rank of Chief Warrant Officer 3. He also became a pilot with Duke University’s Life Flight program and has since been promoted to Lead Pilot.

Metro Aviation also promotes diversity and inclusion in its workplace, with programs, policies and procedures that prohibit discrimination. In addition to diversity initiatives, Metro Aviation also ensures equal pay and benefits for its employees. The company also offers training for its employees. Among other things, employees can expect to learn about safety and security procedures.

The company operates helicopter charter flights in more than 25 states. AIR21, the whistleblower protection law, protects employees who raise safety concerns. In addition to protecting employees from workplace hazards, AIR21 protects whistleblowers from being discriminated against.

It has a bad PTO policy

Metro aviation has a bad PTO policy, but it’s not the only problem. Other issues at Metro have to do with compensation and benefits. Fortunately, its pilots are provided with fully equipped helicopters. In addition, the company offers double time overtime pay for pilots who cover open shifts.

It has an exceptional benefit package

A good employee benefit package is one of the most important things in any employer, and Metro Aviation offers an excellent one. This company prides itself on being a family-oriented work environment that is committed to employee success. Employees are given a generous benefit package in addition to a competitive pay package, which makes it an attractive employer to pursue.

Aside from competitive pay and benefits, Metro Aviation also has a diverse and inclusive environment. It actively promotes equality of opportunity and prohibits discrimination. The company operates over 140 aircraft for 38 programs and has a well-deserved reputation for providing a stable, reliable workplace. Those looking for a career in air transportation should look no further than Metro Aviation.

Metro’s dedication to customer satisfaction has led to several innovative initiatives over the past decade, including a smartphone app that allows customers to request helicopter service. In addition, its customer support team provides assistance with billing and business management. Additionally, the company offers a comprehensive leadership development program and invests heavily in inventory, to ensure that there is minimal downtime.

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