Math Playground: Practice Algebra With Household Items

Math Playground


In school, we learn math using a lot of dry textbooks and formulas. But sometimes it can be fun to try hands-on exercises, like the ones found in this Math Playground. Here you’ll find six problems that will help you practice your algebra skills. Good luck!

Use the Order of Operations to Solve Simple Equations

Math Playground: Practice Algebra With Household Items

Order of Operations can be a challenge for students in grades 7-12, but it’s also an important part of basic algebra. In this Math Playground, we’ll use household items to practice solving simple equations.

Start by drawing a picture of the items you will be using. Then write the equation on one side of the paper and draw the corresponding equation on the other side. For example, if you are solving an equation with 3 pieces of candy, you would write “3x+y=8” on one side and “y=4” on the other.

Now solve each equation using the Order of Operations. Start with the most basic equation and work your way up. Here is a list of steps that you should follow:

Separate the variables (if they are different colors) Raise to Powers (if they are different numbers) Add like terms Denominate (square root, etc.) solve for x in terms of y Use parentheses to clarify operations Solve for y in terms of x

Here is an example:


Substitute One Variable Into Another to Find a Solution

Math play ground: practice algebra with household items

In this math playground, you will be using substitution to solve equations. The first equation is written as 3x + 2y = 10, and the second equation is written as x + y = 5. To solve these equations, you will need to substitute one variable into the other. In the first equation, 3 is substituted into x to get 9. In the second equation, x is substituted into y to get 4. Finally, add the two equations together to get 10 + 4 = 14.

Factor A Polynomial into Irrational Numbers

If you’re looking to practice algebra with household items, Factor A is the perfect equation for you. Factor A is simply a polynomial that can be written as:

This equation can be simplified by taking the square root of both sides. This results in:

Factor A can be simplified even further by factoring out the x^2 term. This results in:

You can use these equations to practice your algebra skills. Try solving them using the standard algorithm for factoring linear equations. You can also try solving them using a Calculator to get a more hands-on experience with algebra.

Modular Forms and Series

If you’re feeling stuck in your algebra classes, check out our math playground! Here you can try out different modular forms and series problems. We’ve also included a few tips to help you understand the concepts better. Happy puzzling!

Summation and Integration by Parts

If you’re looking for a fun and educational way to practice algebra, check out the math playground below! This interactive website allows you to play with various mathematical problems by using everyday household items. You can also explore other fun activities on the website, such as learning about exponential and logarithmic functions.

So what are you waiting for? Start playing today!


Algebra is a challenging subject, and it can be hard to find resources that are both fun and effective. That’s why I created this math playground! In it, you will find practice problems that use everyday items in an algebraic equation. The goal of these exercises is to help you solidify your understanding of the concepts behind algebra and to give you a good foundation on which to build more complicated math problems in the future. So dive into this Math Playground and see how much progress you can make!

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