How to Style White Work Shirts

white work shirts

There are plenty of options for styling white work shirts. The fabric you choose, the style you choose, and how you accessorize all depend on the job you’re doing. Here are some tips. You can wear a white work shirt in several ways, including for a casual office setting, business meetings, or even a night on the town with your friends.


White work shirts are an important element in your professional wardrobe, whether you need to dress up or down. They can be paired with a variety of trousers and can look equally formal or casual. Whether you’re wearing them with a suit or untucked, these versatile styles are sure to impress.

A good white work shirt should have a breathable and structured fabric that is a comfortable fit. Cotton shirts are ideal, as they are lightweight and comfortable to wear. Choose a style that has pockets for storage. Ideally, they should have a smooth and professional look. The material should also be made from 100% cotton or a cotton blend.


Traditional work shirts are made of 100% cotton with a collar, sleeves, and button down front. Most feature matching chest pockets and a single button closure. Some have button-down flaps. But, true heritage work shirts do not have these. The most common fabric used for work shirts is chambray, although you can also find them in other fabrics like hickory and wabash.

Flannel, poplin, and broadcloth are all examples of plain-weave fabrics. This type of fabric is thin, smooth, and often features a plaid pattern. These fabrics are breathable and feel great against the skin. They look best with a button-down style and can be worn with either long or short sleeves.

Wool flannel, micro polyester flannel, and cotton flannel are some of the most common materials for men’s dress shirts. They are insulating and comfortable against the skin, making them ideal work shirts in cold weather. However, these fabrics must be treated with extra care while washing.


If you’re looking to prolong the life of your white work shirts, you may want to keep a few basic tips in mind. First, you need to make sure that you wash your whites separately from other colors. The whites should be washed at a low temperature and using a gentle cycle. You should also check the care tags to find out what the best temperature is for the particular fabric.

If you’re unsure, try bleaching an inconspicuous color section. This might be an inside seam or hemline or cuff. If you notice no change in color, it’s safe to bleach. For items that are bleachable, use Clorox 2(r) Stain Remover & Color Booster in the warmest water recommended on the care label.


A white work shirt is a classic workwear outfit, and can be dressed up or down for different occasions. You can wear this classic style to work with a pair of colorful socks, a pair of slacks, or even a suit and tie. You can also wear a scarf or a hat to make the look more interesting and fashionable.

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