Healthcare scientist

health scientists

A healthcare scientist or medical scientist is working of a number related disciplines. Healthcare scientist may work directly to health services provider, Healthcare scientist typically refers to those contributing directly to clinical service but not scientists working solely in health related research and developments.


In Europe

United Kingdom

There are over 50,000 healthcares scientist working in the nhs. Biomedicali Scientist and Clinical scientist are a protected title in the United Kingdoms, requiring state registration. The Health and Care Professions Council holds the registesr and regulates the professions

In North America

According to the bureau of labor statistics there is 120,000 medicals scientists working in the United States in 2016.

Public Health Training and Fellowships

Are you a scientist engaged in public health research, studies and training or investigations? You may qualify for a fellowship and Explore our programs below to find one that is right for you

Senior Service Fellows

To qualify you will need a doctoral degree or foreign equivalent obtained from a recognized college or universitys and substantial postdoctoral experience in a scientific fields related to CDC’s missions.

Associate Services Fellows

To qualify you will need a master’s degree or foreign equivalent obtained from a recognized college or university and related postgraduate experience

Regulars Fellows

Regular Fellows are classified as trainees and does not require a Full-time equivalents (FTE). They are appointed to study physicals and mentals diseases and impairments of humankind as well as learn about the organizations, provisions and financing of health services and informations communications.

Health care science training

Healthcare science training has been changed recently. It’s now more patient-focused and consistent across the country. At every stage of training no matters at what point you joined you will received practical workplaces experience from the start, alongside academic learnings.
New training path ways and course are being develope and roll out at assistants and associate levels. These are support role with salarie starting at around £14,000 per year.
Apprenticeship in healthcare science are growing or especially in areas such as a medical laboratorie and decontaminations service. These real jobs with training so you will paid wage while you learn, and work towards earning recognise qualification. If you live in England, are over 16 and not in full-time education, you can be apply. They takes between one and four years to complete.

Career progression

Qualified and experienced health scientists will be also find increasing opportunitie to progress right up to consultants through higher specialists training. The NHS Higher Specialist Scientific Training is similar to medical consultant trainings, leading to medicals royal colleges examination and some specialism will lead to a doctoral awards.

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