Famous Sports Figures of the 20th Century


Among the many famous sports figures of the 20th century, Pelé stands out as one of the greatest. Pelé was a Brazilian professional footballer. He was known for his talents in forward play. He was one of the most successful sports figures of the 20th century, and was called the greatest player of all time by FIFA.

Early career

Probably the most legendary soccer player of the twentieth century, Pele is a Brazilian footballer who became universally regarded as one of the best players of all time. During his career, he scored more than 1,300 goals in nearly two decades. In addition to playing professional soccer, Pele has also served as an ambassador for soccer, the environment, and fair play. He has also appeared on the cover of Life magazine, the first black person to do so.

Pele began his soccer career in the town of Bauru, Sao Paulo. His father taught him to play, and Pele played in local competitions. He also started to play for a local team called “Ameriquinha” with kids from a nearby street. The team won a local tournament in Bauru, and they reached the final in the BAC Stadium.

Waldemar de Brito, a former player of the Brazilian national team, noticed Pele’s talent. He recommended him to Santos FC. He signed him up to a contract, and Pele made his professional soccer debut at the age of 16.

Pele had a unique way of playing the game, and his skills in the air and visionary passing earned him the nickname “The Man of the Sky”. He was a world-class striker, scoring more than 1,300 goals in 22 years. He was also renowned for his exceptional heading abilities.

Pele’s team traveled internationally to capitalize on the popularity of the game. Pele had an incredible strike rate in international matches.

Pele was also renowned for his amazing dribbling skills. He earned five thousand cruzeiros a month.

Pele’s popularity increased in the United States, and he played for the New York Cosmos in the North American Soccer League (NASL). He led the team to a US title in 1977.

World Cups

Whether you’re a soccer fan or not, you’ve surely heard of Pele. He’s one of the greatest footballers of all time. He is also one of the youngest players to win a World Cup.

Pele is a Brazilian superstar. He has been a part of three World Cups, and won the Golden Ball at the Mexico 1974 World Cup. He has been an ambassador for the United Nations, UNESCO and ecology. He’s also a cover star of numerous magazines. Despite his achievements, Pele may feel underappreciated.

Pele made his World Cup debut in Sweden in 1958. The tournament was the first to receive international television coverage. His first goal came in the opening match against the USSR. He also assisted against England, Italy and Czechoslovakia.

Pele stayed with the Brazil national team after the World Cup. His role in the team’s success was significant. He helped Brazil win the championship for the second time in 1962. He was also named a national treasure. The Brazilian government named him as such in order to help him avoid the big European clubs.

He scored six goals in four games at the tournament. He also provided an assist in the quarter-final against Wales. He also scored a hat-trick against France in the semi-final.

In the 1970 World Cup, Pele played every minute of every game. He scored two goals in the final against Sweden. He also helped Brazil win the trophy for the third time.

He was also the youngest player to score a goal at the World Cup. His age was 17 when he scored against Wales. He was also the youngest player to score 77 goals in 92 appearances.


Several trophies were awarded to Pele over the course of his career. One trophy that he received was the Golden Ball. This award is given to players who score the most goals during a tournament.

While he is not the only one to have received this award, Pele’s feat is still noteworthy. This award is not just for the sake of being impressive; it is also based on a vote from FIFA officials and journalists. During the 1980s, Pele earned the award based on votes from both of these groups.

Pele was born in the impoverished neighborhood of Tres Coracoes, Minas Gerais, Brazil. His parents were soccer players. In his early years, Pele had no idea what his name actually meant. He was named Pele after an American inventor, Thomas Edison.

In 1956, at the age of 15, Pele joined a team called Santos. With Santos, Pele won a number of trophies, including the Torneio Rio-Sao Paulista. He also won two Copa Libertadores.

Pele also helped Brazil win their first World Cup. In fact, he was a key player in the 1958 tournament. He scored a goal in the tournament’s quarterfinal against Wales. He was also a key member of Brazil’s winning team in 1962 and 1970.

The Jules Rimet trophy was awarded to Pele after Brazil’s successful 1970 World Cup campaign. The trophy was a prize worth more than half a million dollars. However, it has since been pulled from an auction and reportedly disappeared from public view.

Although Pele has received many awards over the years, he has been overshadowed by some of his more famous rivals. One of his competitors, Cristiano Ronaldo, has yet to win a World Cup trophy.

Video game nickname

During the 1980s, Pele was the first sports star to have his own video game. His first video game, Pele’s Soccer, was released on Atari 2600. His second video game, Pele II: World Tournament Soccer, was released in 1994. He is the first professional footballer to have his own video game.

Pele was born in Tres Coracoes, Brazil, on October 23, 1940. His father, Dondinho, played for the Fluminense football club. Pele’s mother, Maria, was a nurse. He had a brother named Juan Carlos, and a sister named Eva. Pele’s full name is Edson Arantes do Nascimento. He was named after American inventor Thomas Edison.

Pele had numerous public nick names during his professional playing days. He was known as the “Black Pearl” because of his preciousness, and as the “Executioner” because of his goal scoring abilities.

Pele’s son, Edson Cholbi Nascimento, was arrested in 2005 while taking part in an operation to dismantle a drug gang in southeastern Brazil. The arrest led to the media spotlight on Pele and his family. His son has since embraced his father’s nickname.

Pele was named UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for ecology in 1992. Pele is also active in charitable activities and is the owner of a coffee company. He has also been a soccer commentator. He is a regular guest on the Pan American Sports Network and has also appeared on several documentary films. He is often described as the “King of Football.”

Pele has been a major influence in the world of soccer and has played in over 1,300 matches. His total of 1,280 goals is the highest scored by a professional footballer. He was named second in the BBC Sportsman of the Century award in 2000.

Colon cancer diagnosis

‘The King’ Pele, Brazil’s greatest footballer and only player to win three World Cups, has been diagnosed with colon cancer. The former footballer was undergoing routine examinations in Sao Paulo’s Albert Einstein hospital when the issue was detected.

The star has been undergoing chemotherapy and regular check-ups at the hospital. His condition is described as stable. Pele’s family says he is recovering well. His wife is beside him at the hospital. The hospital plans to discharge him in the next few days.

The diagnosis comes just a year after Pele’s younger brother, Zoca, died of prostate cancer. Pele has also had kidney stone removal surgery and hip replacement surgery in the last few years. In addition, he has been unable to walk without the help of a wheelchair.

Pele has been hospitalized for several health issues in the past two years, including a urinary tract infection and kidney stone removal. He was hospitalized for two weeks last February. This was followed by a short hospital stay in December. During that time, Pele also had to undergo dialysis on one kidney.

Pele has been hospitalized several times for respiratory issues and medication issues. The former footballer is in palliative care. In addition to receiving regular treatments at the hospital, Pele is being treated with antibiotics. The hospital said the treatment is working.

Pele has been visiting the hospital for check-ups and regular treatment since his cancer diagnosis. The hospital has sent him to the Intensive Care Unit several times. His condition has improved and he is now in the common room. His wife, Flavia, is by his bedside.

The hospital has declined to comment on reports that Pele is receiving palliative care. Pele’s doctor says there is no need to panic.

Personal life

Despite having a successful professional football career, Pele had a difficult personal life. He had three marriages and had three children.

Pele was born on October 23, 1940, in Tres Coracoins, Brazil. He was the son of Dondinho and Celeste Arantes. His father taught him the game of football.

Pele became one of the most popular athletes in Brazil. He won six Brazilian Cups and also twice won the Intercontinental Cup. He also had a successful career in the United States. He played for New York Cosmos and the North American Soccer League. He was the league’s champion in 1977.

Pele was a very talented player who had a very strong vision. He also had the ability to score goals from the air. He scored 504 goals in 496 games with Santos. He also won 11 league titles with the club. In 1977, he also won the US championship. He became the highest paid athlete in the world when he signed a contract with the Cosmos.

When Pele moved to America, he wanted to increase the popularity of football in the United States. He had played for Santos for 18 years and wanted to play in the US. He signed a contract with New York Cosmos in 1975, a professional club in the United States.

Pele played in exhibition matches around the world. He was also inducted into the International Olympic Committee’s Hall of Fame. He was the best athlete of the 20th century according to the IOC.

Pele was born in a family of athletes. His father, Dondinho, played professional football for Fluminense. Pele’s mother, Kwaku Oteng, was a guardian. In 1970, Pele was investigated by the Brazilian military dictatorship. He was accused of leftist sympathies. The dictatorship investigated Pele for handing out leaflets calling for the release of political prisoners. He also was accused of having an affair with a housemaid.

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