Carolina Ale House and Uber Eats Manager

Carolina Ale House

Carolina Ale House was founded in 1999, and since then, it has earned a reputation for delicious food and a fun atmosphere. Today, the company has 27 locations throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee. The restaurant has discovered that utilizing the marketing solutions available in Uber Eats Manager has helped it reach new customers and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. In a recent free-item promotion, the restaurant received 57% of its orders from new customers.

LM Restaurants plans to open a carolina ale house on the Cape Fear Coast

The plan is to expand the company to seven locations in North Carolina and South Carolina, creating about 800 jobs. Currently, LM has restaurants in Columbia, S.C., and Boynton Beach, Fla. The company also owns and operates a sushi and seafood restaurant in Raleigh. In 2007, the Triangle Business Journal named LM the fastest-growing private company in the area.

The company is planning to open a Carolina ale house on the North Carolina coast in Wilmington this fall. The restaurant is expected to open in the former Boater’s World building on College Road. It is expected to open in time for UNCW students to return to class in the fall. Currently, the Carolina Ale House chain operates six locations in the Triangle. Other locations are in South Carolina and Texas.


The Carolina Ale House is a popular place to enjoy a variety of brews. The chain has 30 locations across the South. Each location offers a rotating menu and regulars. The menu features chef-inspired entrees, craft beers, and grilled chicken. Check out their website to see what’s on the menu.

The Carolina Ale House has a large beer menu with more than a dozen varieties. The food is affordable, too, with most items costing less than $30. The restaurant is also family-friendly, with free WiFi and takeout options. The atmosphere is laid-back, with an emphasis on casual dining.

The Carolina Ale House is a lively spot that combines medieval roots with a contemporary kitchen and an inviting atmosphere. Its patrons are a mixture of young and old, and couples and families. Single diners are also welcome. The food is made from scratch in a modern kitchen. The results are delicious.


Carolina Ale House has a lively atmosphere with chic yet casual interiors and friendly smiles. It is popular with a mix of young and old, couples and families. Single diners are also welcomed. The kitchen is modern, but still offers delicious, freshly made food. While it is not kid-friendly, it does have a full bar.

Carolina Ale House has six locations in North Carolina and two in South Carolina. The restaurants have a wide selection of beer and a menu of home-made, chef-inspired entrees. The restaurant is open every day from 11am to 2am. It serves a wide variety of craft beers and sports-themed foods.

Carolina AleHouse offers daily menu changes. Guests can try grilled chicken flatbread, chorizo meatloaf with bacon-chipotle gravy, blackened tuna salad, and chicken with buffalo sauce. Prices at Carolina Ale House are reasonable and the restaurant is also a popular stop for late-night meals. Happy hour is available on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

You can find Carolina AleHouse locations in your area by searching for their names on a map. The business information will include its address, contact information, and directions. Check the reviews to find out what others have to say about the restaurant. After all, your satisfaction is the most important factor when you are eating out.

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